The Music Bots are back!

We are happy to announce that our music bots are back to our TeamSpeak server and available to all registered users.

The Music Bots are located in the "MUSIC" channel and can be controlled by using several commands. Those need to be sent directly to the bot using a direct message.

After subscribing to a bot it will stream the music directly to you so that nobody else in your channel may be disrupted by the music. Therefore the whisper mode has to be enabled in the TeamSpeak client. If multiple users want to listen together to the same music they all need to subscribe to the same music bot.

We ask all users to use the music bots responsibly and to not abuse the bot's function to all other's mispleasure. We would really like to keep the music bots available to all registered users without any further restrictions

A list of all available commands can be found below or may be retrieved by checking the channel description of the "MUSIC" channel.

The Respawn-Gaming Team